Hi there! My name is Nicole and I am so happy you are here! I currently reside in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband, Luke, our pups, Kobe and Saban, and our cat Bella. We are beyond excited to be expanding our family and welcoming a little one in February 2022! I recently finished my masters degree and I am a board certified behavior analyst. I am a dreamer 24/7, and that is exactly how this blog came about. I had been dreaming of a safe place where I could connect with others and share my personal stories as well as thoughts, opinions, and other life happenings!

While the main gist of this blog is lifestyle, a major theme that will be appearing is my personal growth and journey. This blog is intended to serve as an outlet for me to share some difficult times that I have experienced as well as my journey through this crazy life! I have struggled through terrible relationship experiences and battle with anxiety, depression, and OCD. Growing up, I had a hard time setting reasonable expectations for myself; I wanted to be perfect in everything I did and in every possible aspect that I could imagine. I am in the process of learning that loving myself is not selfish, but rather healthy and necessary to improve not only our relationship with ourselves but also with others. I want you to know I am not perfect, but I am learning to embrace everything that makes me who I am, and I want you to embrace what makes you exactly who you are.



Likes: Family Time, Rose Gold, Puppies, Fresh Flowers, Prosecco, Marble, Traveling, Fitness, Positivity, Christmas, Fashion, Fall, Coffee, Photography, Raw Cookie Dough, Bonfires, Netflix, Mac n Cheese, Friends (the t.v. show), Listening to Music, Harry Potter, Greece, Watching Sports with the Hubs, Lots of Pillows, Shopping
Dislikes: Loud chewers, Traffic, Negativity, Slow Wi-Fi, Hypocrites, Slow Walkers, Rudeness, Insensitivity Towards Others, People Who Misuse To, Too, and Two (also their, there, and they’re and your, you’re), Commercials With Doorbell Sound Effects, Chipped Nail Polish

I welcome you to my hot mess life, and I am so excited to be on this crazy ride with you all.