June Book Review

Yes, it is that time again! Time for my June book round up! I personally have been absolutely loving doing these because it allows me to share what I have been reading with you and to also recommend some awesome reads. I know I may not be the best at actually translating my thoughts on the books I read in such a way that professionals are able to, but my main goal is to simply share my thoughts and hopefully some of you are able to find a new book that you want to read. I also realize that thus far, I have been rating the books fairly high, and that is because I truly do have a tendency to just gravitate towards my reading interests and the majority of the time (okay, like 98% of the time) I really end up enjoying the book! I promise that I will share all the books I read each month, regardless of if I like them or not. I will also say that on months where I have a book I did not particularly enjoy, I probably wont have as many reviews. I am not someone who is able to read multiple books at once and I am a slow reader on books I do not enjoy as much, which may mean I take most of the month to get through that 1 single book. As always, feel free to check out and follow my GoodReads account so you can stay the most up to date on what I am reading!

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

  • Rating: 10/10
  • Read from 6/3/20-6/12/20
  • Okay, I know I had rated the first Fifty Shades book very high, but that was because I had not read this one yet. This one, in my opinion, was even better than the first in the trilogy (which can sometimes be rare for me to not prefer the first). I loved the character development that occurred in this book- you learn much more about Christian and his past, which I found made him more likable. I also really liked to see how his character’s personality has changed from the first book to this one. The first book had ended with a cliffhanger and this book picked up right where the first one had left off. With that being said, not a whole lot of background on the story and relationship between Ana and Christian is provided, so the first book should 100% be read- you shouldn’t just pick up this book without having knowledge of and read the first book. The involvement of Christian’s past lands both him and Ana in some sticky situations, Christian has a major life scare, and Ana and Christian make some major strides in their relationship. Similar to when I read the first book, I watched the movie alongside it. I was not a fan of the movie version at all. The plot was out of order, storylines were cut short or just simply cut out, and I don’t love the characters in the movie the way that I do when reading the book (it could just be that the actors/actresses don’ quite fit what I picture in my mind while reading). If you read the first book, the second is a must. Another fun, mindless, fast-paced read that left me even more in love with this trilogy than the first book. Without reading the third book yet, I am going to say that this entire trilogy is a must read!

Quiet by Susan Cain

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Read from 6/13/20-7/6/20
  • This book was much harder for me than I had originally expected, especially after so many “mindless” reads. Without a doubt though, this book was super interesting and I really enjoyed it overall! This book discussed the power of introverts and went over the Extrovert Ideal. As a complete introvert, I found so much of what was written as super relatable and constantly found myself saying, “this is totally me” or “oh wow, this makes so much sense now why I do ____”. I absolutely loved every second of that. I have always been super shy, slow to converse with new people, and not likely to speak up in school or at work. It’s something that I had gotten to the point where I was like, ya know what, I just need to accept that this is how I am, even though it can be super frustrating at times and just deal with it. In college, I had crippling anxiety in all of my more discussion based classes. I would spend 75 minute long classes trying to look like I was super consumed jotting down notes and keeping my eyes down just to avoid being called on. I had numerous classes in undergrad and in graduate school where my class grade dropped a whole letter grade because “I didn’t participate enough” even though I rarely ever missed a class. I would pull all nighters by taking vyvanse before I had a class presentation because taking it helped to calm my nerves a bit and usually made me a lot more talkative, even though half the time it would be mindless rambles. It was super stressful for me to see a syllabus and see that active participation was a large percentage of my grade or that there were multiple presentations throughout the semester. I would walk into those classes and count down the minutes until I was free- “Okay in 50 minutes, this presentation will be over with…. in 20 minutes this presentation will be over with…. in 5 minutes, I wont have to worry about being called on for another 2 days until the class meets again”. It was exhausting. I hated that I was like this. I felt like I would be hardcore judged if I spoke my mind or shared a thought or opinion. Any time I did speak, my voice would waver and my hands would shake. They still do now in some instances. But this book, really helped me get a much better understanding about my introverted ways and made me appreciate and value all of these characteristics. “There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas”. Although it definitely took me longer to get through, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who identifies as an introvert or who has an interest in psychology! A very good read overall!