Where Have I Been?!

Hello Everyone!

It definitely has been a while since my last post (over three months is WAY too long!) and I am working on getting back into my groove for y’all so do not worry!

I have been dealing with a lot of stress and chaos on the work front as well as at home but we are starting to get a handle on everything so I am in a much better place to be kicking off my blog posts more regularly effective the beginning of August!

I have yet to delve much into my day to day life happenings on this blog like I had on my previous site, where I was using my blog posts as a way of venting and simply using it as an online diary. While that is something I would like to continue doing, I would like this website to be more structured and have more meaning than simply me documenting my life online. I want my readers to get something from my posts whether it be that they are able to connect with something from my personal story that I will share sporadically, or they find a recipe that they love that I posted, or that I am able to share products that I use and someone falls in love with them as well!

This blog is definitely still like an online diary for me and a great outlet, but with more structure and more organization than I had on my previous site! I want to be able to provide tips and tricks for things that I deal with (anxiety, depression, studying, travel, etc.) and I also want to share things I love (books, food, places, clothes, accessories, products, etc.).

As I have already stated, I will be sharing my story throughout this blog journey as well. This will include touching on my anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and my life happenings that have led me to where I am today. Posts will get graphic and they may be triggering, but I am hoping that sharing my story will help or benefit at least one person who happens upon this blog.

As a twenty something still trying to figure out life, I have been struggling with organization in my life which leads me to why I have been absent from this blog the past few months. I am in the middle of trying to obtain my masters in under 12 months and I am now two thirds of the way done! This has been a long and stressful journey and I just finished up a summer semester of four classes that was a sped up semester of only 10 weeks as opposed to the typical 16 weeks. My primary focus was on my studies as well as my mental health as I was also working full time throughout this summer semester, so unfortunately that meant this blog took the backseat. HOWEVER, I am now back and ready to blog and get this site up and running in full force!

Thank you to all who have stuck around and that continue to come along with me on this blogging journey. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to read my posts and I cannot thank you enough. I hope that you are able to get something positive from my posts, whether it be as simple as a little chuckle from something embarrassing that happened to me that I share or that I am able to provide a few tips that are useful to you.