Hello, and welcome to Hot Mess Mueller, my lifestyle blog!

I have been back and forth on this blog for months and was unsure how to truly get started. I have been using a blog for several years as an outlet, but felt as though I wanted to get even more out of my blog aside from just letting my feelings out. Because I had started that blog years ago (and the site name I had picked was no longer appealing), I felt as though it was not going to be an easy transition and aesthetically, it was not appealing to me to continue using that blog when I wanted to transition my blog into a stronger platform with a variety of content- not just my own personal issues that I needed to vent about.

While I plan to bring some of those stories over to this blog, as they are very relevant to my life and impact my day-to-day life, I plan on incorporating other content, including more lifestyle, fashion, recipes, and wellness.

In addition to starting this blog, I launched an Instagram account going by the same name as this blog, HotMessMueller, at the beginning of November 2018. I love that account dearly and, like this blog, I post a variety of content. That account has become a wonderful creative outlet for myself, as I found that I am more willing to post on stories and share more of my life to my followers.

I sat on the name of this blog for quite some time and really struggled to find something that just flowed for me. Having been recently married in June 2018, I thought perhaps I could find a blog name to go with my new married name. I created a long list in my Notes App on my phone of blog name possibilities and would read them all off to my husband as we sat on the couch each night, trying to see what he thought was best. After much back and forth, I always found myself going back to this one: Hot Mess Mueller. As implied by the name, my life is quite chaotic. And of course, who doesn’t love a good alliteration? The name just flowed off my tongue and had a nice ring to it. It seemed to fit absolutely perfectly.

I am so excited to start this new journey and to see where this blog will take me! I welcome you all on to this journey of my hot mess life!

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